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We are a full service Navion restoration, maintenance and speed shop.  We specializing in making your Navion fast and beautiful!  We have many speed mods and conversions kits to update your Navion.  If you looking at transforming your 1940’s Navion to a modern aircraft with glass panel technology, large engine upgrades such as the IO-520, IO-550R, TSIO-720 engine or upgrading your old parts to carbon fiber making your Navion lighter and faster. Navion Customs is your one stop shop to all your needs. 

Please call us today (909) 597-5360 and book your appointment.

Over 20 years experience; Ryan Douthitt, Stephen Stinis have teamed up on the West Coast giving you the best in the  business.  Matt Jackson is also a consultant and heads up our R&D department.  All of Matt’s inventory parts, speed mod kits, engine conversion kits, etc have been acquired by Navion Customs, LLC. 

The Navion Kings of the West Coast!